Lois Kennis, tenacious author. I love to enter contests. It's one way to test audience response and it gives me hope.

In 2020 I won the Cascade Writing Contest (Oregon Christian Writers) for Unpublished Contemporary Fiction Book. I'm also a finalist in the ACFW-Virginia Crown Award, Contemporary.

In 2019 I was Semifinalist in American Christian Fiction Writers' (ACFW) Genesis Contest, Finalist in Serious Writer's Writer of the Year, and 2nd Place Contemporary Fiction in Write to Publish Conference.

In 2018 I won Second Place Contemporary Novel in North Carolina Christian Writers Conference, and in 2017 I was Semifinalist in Tucson Festival of Books.

Some contests send feedback from the judges, which I've used to revise and improve the novel. It's a long process to publication, but hope gleams brighter every day. Valuable feedback also comes from writers critique groups, face-to-face and online, which leads to precious friendships. And I continue to devour books. Reading fuels my writing.

I'm grateful to live in America, where almost every small town or big city boasts a public library, whether one of the historic old Carnegie's, or a more contemporary structure of steel and glass. Libraries help keep free countries free. Libraries fuel the mind and spirit.

Bookstores are also essential to our country's health. Let's support them!


Journaling/Blogging With Lois

Please explore my blog posts linked from the right side of this page, or the bottom, depending on whether you're viewing from your desktop or your phone. I write to share a smile, or perhaps to shed a tear. Life has both.

I love to read. Although I'm not yet a published author with my name on the cover of a book, I love to create characters and step aside to see how they interact with each other.

I started writing my first novel on the bank of Bear Creek in Rochester, Minnesota, and finished in Ames, Iowa, where I'm close to all six grandchildren. I'm working on the next book, seeking an agent and publisher.

2nd Place Novels Award NCCWC


My writing background includes a decade of support to University of Minnesota Sustainable Partnerships, and years of writing feature stories about small Iowa businesses. I belong to the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, American Christian Fiction Writers, and numerous local writers groups.

Please bear with me while I tinker with this little blog and try to figure out how to make things work.