What Genre Did Grandma Lois Enter Now?

And how in the world does that genre connect with Great Danes and pink bikes?

On the surface, there isn’t much connection between Great Danes and pink bicycles, but this week, they collided in my mind.

While peddling around the neighborhood on my pink Schwinn one-speed bicycle, I passed a little girl wearing a bike helmet and standing in her driveway beside a small bike with training wheels. She looked to be about five years old. She pointed toward me and called out with a voice of authority, “How can you ride a bike? You’re too old.”

Immediately, a voice I presumed to be her mother’s shushed her from the front steps. I suppose I should’ve or could’ve been insulted or hurt. But I laughed, and called over my shoulder, “I’ve been riding a bike all of my life. It’s something you never forget.”

A couple days later, I called my oldest son to ask about Bella, the two-year-old Great Dane he and his daughter had recently adopted and needed to housebreak. My son didn’t answer the phone, so I left a message. It was close to sundown after a long busy day, so I had a lot on my mind.

Prompted to leave a message, I said, “Hey, how’s Bella the ______ doing?” Suddenly I couldn’t remember what kind of a dog she was.

I tried again. “Um, how’s Bella the Dalmatian today?” I knew that was the wrong word.

Again, I tried to clarify myself. “Sorry, all of a sudden I can’t remember what brand she is.” That didn’t sound right, either.

“I know she’s not a Dalmatian. I just can’t remember what genre she is.”

That was the end of my message. I’m surprised my son didn’t call back to ask if I was okay. That’s okay. It gave me a good laugh.

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