Emotional journey of friendship, sacrifice, guilt and goodness

A page-turning, heart-rending story by Heather Bell Adams.

I love novels by Heather Bell Adams. They draw me in and never let go until the final page, when I finally breathe. Her latest, The Good Luck Stone, is entirely different from her debut novel, Maranatha Road, but each grips my heart in its own way. What’s consistent between the two novels is the way her characters come alive so vividly that I think about them during the day when I’m going about the business of life and they keep talking to me after the story ends.

Here’s the review I did on Amazon: “I love the characters in The Good Luck Stone, a multi-layered novel with gorgeous imagery and a plot that keeps the pages turning. Each vivid character is distinctly different, with relationships both complicated and beautiful. I love the two timelines and settings–contemporary Savannah and World War II Philippines. I’d known very little about either, so appreciate learning about the rich history and dedication of the wartime nurses.”

The growing friendship between ninety-year old Audrey, a wealthy art appreciator, and the devoted young helper she reluctantly allows into her life, is a beautiful example of how different generations can learn a great deal from each other. I would recommend this novel to women and gentlemen from all walks of life who appreciate a well-plotted story with strong emotional tension and a satisfying resolution. In my humble opinion, The Good Luck Stone deserves to win some awards!

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